Burmese Tattoo handle (Hnitkwasok)

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Tattoo Tools:

This is an exceptionally rare and elegant bronze tattoo tool done in a Burmese style. This handle depicts the Burmese Mountain Tortoise (Sadapawa) which is protected and revered. That spirit worship of the Sadapawa infers that harming these tortoises will invoke the wrath of the local Nat spirit, the White Horse Rider, and that harm will come to those who touch it.

19th-20th Century

Burmese tattoos are traditional tattoos that have been practiced in Myanmar for centuries by various ethnic groups, including the Bamar, Shan, and Karen. Tattooing was a distinguishing cultural marker and a symbol of strength, courage and intimidation. These tattoos are also believed to have magical powers and are often used as protection against evil spirits or for good luck. The Hnitkwasok tattoo tool consists of a needle, tube, and counter weight or handle.