About Us

Diablo Organics is an award-winning body arts jewelry company located in Austin, Texas. We design and create the highest quality jewelry from organic materials including amber, brass, hardwoods, stone, ammonites, megalodon teeth, fossils, mother of pearl and others.

Jimmy Buddha, Head Honcho

Born in Texas but having lived and traveled all over the world Jimmy Buddha is a entrepreneurial nomad with more than 20 years experience in the jewelry industry. He started creating jewelry in the early 90’s while traveling through the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa to help pay his way. During these early years he focused his energy on picking up skills such as carpentry, welding, glass blowing and what would forever change his path: Body Piercing. He realized that specific jewelry design for the body-piercing world was an uncharted market. With inside knowledge, connections and a taste for adventurous travel he started drawing inspiration from the cultures he visited designing unique pieces and developing his own style.

Manufacturing and sourcing materials worldwide, he has built a solid international network in various hubs around the world focusing on the specialized skills available in each area. He has created multiple brands distributing his product worldwide with full command of the entire process: Design, International Logistics, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Distribution and Warehousing. His personal involvement at all stages, creative and operational account for the success of his business.

Tasha Murphy, Sales Manager

Tasha is our JILL OF ALL TRADES and the epitome of calm. When she’s not keeping the office glued together she enjoys running a bar/music venue (The Lost Well) with her amazing husband. She is very passionate about this endeavor because she has always wanted to make a home for local bands and music in general. She is also blessed with a little bundle of joy she’s kept alive for 2.5 years. A surprising fact about Tasha is that she is a master tap dancer with 16 years of experience which is probably how she tapped her way into our hearts here at Diablo Organics.

Tasha is happy being a part of the behind the scenes world of body modifications with 10 years of experience as a piercer. Although she misses piercing, she loves helping our clients with their jewelry needs and desires.

Lindsey Niedner, Project Manager

When Lindsey isn’t slaying projects at the office you can find her outdoors somewhere. In her connection time, she most enjoys spending time with her son, working on her land, traveling, riding motos, swimming or discovering new nature trails. She has a keen eye for fine jewelry, artistic design, body art, and the profound connection between nature and life that can be discovered in all forms of creativity.

Lindsey has always been community driven, helping people both locally and internationally. In the past she has raised funds for an elementary school in Costa Rica, where she spent a week with her son serving the children there. Most recently, she offered her house as a transition home for a young Vietnamese student studying in America.

Lindsey’s motto is “where there is love, there is life” ~Gandhi. 

Lauren Wagenman, Road Sales

When Lauren isn’t holding down the fort at conventions and festivals, she is driving cross country decorating shops with our unique jewelry. She loves to travel, meet new faces and experience different cultures and has been a staple at Diablo Organics for many years.

Emily AKA Chicago, Inventory Specialist

Emily came to Diablo Organics all the way from... Chicago. With a background in jewelry supplies and a passion for making jewelry, she feels right at home at Diablo. From filling orders, to shipping, Emily probably touched your order in one way or another. When she isn't hanging out in "The Vault" Emily enjoys running her own jewelry line, Tinkertoy Tomorrow which incorporates chainmaille and repurposed elements like concho belts. Aside from jewelry Emily loves listening to records and DJing around town with her fiance, taking road trips exploring the nature Texas has to offer, and hanging out with her two fur babies. 

Tiffany Yoon, Photographer

Tiffany is our in-house photographer, photo editor and a web listings contributor. When she's not shooting in the studio or editing at her desk, you can find her out on the trails or busy in her home garden. She is a firm believer that learning is life, and so is always looking for ways to innovate and overcome creative challenges collectively.  

Tiffany enjoys exploring music, plant-based recipes and palling around with her fiancé, dog and cat. Some surprising facts about Tiffany is that she used to play a full drum kit in a touring band, documented ballet dancers for a time, and has a background in journalistic photography. She is learning all the ins and outs of piercing jewelry and is excited to help present Diablo Organic's many treasures to the body modification community worldwide. 

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